Application for fixation of Drawback Rates under Rule 6(1)(a)(Brand Rate)/Rule 7(1)(Special Brand Rate) of Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995.

( To be filled by Manufacturers of the Export Product)

A. Details about the Manufacturer of the Export Product
1. (a) Name & Postal Address of the Applicant Firm.

Status – whether Public Limited Company or a Private Limited Company etc.

(c) Year since when the accounts are being statutorily audited under Company’s Act.
(d) Whether SSI unit.
(e) Central Excise License No., if any.
2. Postal Address of the factory where the export products being manufactured.
3. The Commissioner of Central Excise under whose jurisdiction factory falls including Division and Range.
4. Name of the concerned Export Promotion Council.
5. Exporter’s IE Code Number.
B. Details about the Export Product.
6. Description of the Export Product.
7. The Central Excise Tariff or Customs Tariff Chapter/Heading in which the export product classified.
8. If All Industry of Drawback is available for the export product, the Sub-Serial No. & Rate of Drawback.
9. Whether the application is for fixation/re-fixation/revision of rate under Rule 6(1)(a) or Rule 7(1) of the Drawback Rules.
(Strike out whichever is not relevant)

If the application is for re-fixation/revision:

(a) Ministry’s previous reference number and date under which the rate was fixed.
(b) Rate of Drawback fixed.
(c) Validity period of rate(s).
11. (a) Date/Period from which the rate is desired to be fixed.

Date of 1st Shipment.(Legible Copy of the Shipping Bill(highlighting Let Export Date ), Invoice, packing list to be attached)


Port(s)/Airports through which exports are made/proposed to be made.


Port of registration desired.

12. (a) FOB Value of the product per unit.
(b) Current market price of the export product at the time of first shipment
13. State the mode of export : -
(a) Whether under Central Excise bond.
(b) After payment of duty under claim of rebate of Central Excise duty.
(c) Otherwise.
(Strike out whichever is inapplicable)
14. Whether in respect of any of raw materials/components the benefits under Rule 19 or any other Central Excise Rule is being availed of –
15. Whether in respect of any of the raw materials/components CENVAT benefit under CENVAT CREDIT Rules, 2002 is being availed of ?
16. Whether any other benefit under any of the Customs and/or Central Excise Notification is being availed of in respect of any of the raw materials components and other inputs used in the export product.
17. Whether in respect of the imported material or some of the imported Materials :
(a) The benefits of duty exemption Scheme is being availed of. If so the details of the same(viz. DEEC/DEPB). A photocopy of the complete Pass Book or DEEC alongwith with the photocopy of Advance Licence to be forwarded.
(b) If the export is under DEPB cum Drawback Scheme, state whether the CVD has been paid in cash. Also specify the Standard Input Output Number (SION) of the export item fixed by the DGFT of the Export item.
(c) Manufacture under bond procedure in terms of Section 65 of the Customs Act, 1962 is being followed, if so, the details thereof.
18. The quantity and name of by-product or co-product(and its sale value) arising during the course of manufacture of the main product of the unit specified in DBK-I.
19. The drawback rate(or amount) expected.
(Enclose working sheet in support thereof).
20. Whether Rule 8(2)(regarding Value Addition) of the Customs and Central Excise Duties Drawback Rules, 1995 is satisfied. If so, a detailed working sheet may please be enclosed.
21. Brief process of manufacture(Enclose catalogue/literature etc.)



I/We hereby declare that the particulars given above as well as in accompanying statements DBK I to III are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that no separate application in respect of the same goods has been submitted so far.

I/We also declare that the export is not under Duty Free Shipping Bill.

I/We also declare that I/We shall intimate any change(including receipt of suo-moto refunds) in the particulars as mentioned in the proforma and statements submitted within one month from the date of such change and I/We agree to any consequential change in the Drawback Rates with effect from the date the changed drawback rates are allowed and shall on demand by an Officer of Customs repay the amounts received in excess.

I/We also declare that the duty paying documents in respect of the imported/indigenous inputs furnished in this Brand Rate application have not been used in any previous application/partially used in our Application Ref. No. dated and a statement of the extent of usage and balance quantity available is enclosed separately.

I/We further declare that I/We shall immediately refund the amount of drawback obtained by us in excess of any amount/rate which may be re-determined by Government, as a result of post verification.

I/We also declare that the application also includes drawback for the components which have been manufactured by the supporting manufacturers and vendors. I/We also undertake the liability of paying back the amount of drawback alongwith interest thereon, in case, the data relating to the supporting manufacturers/vendors are not verifiable by the Department or on verification the particulars are found unsubstantiated by the Department.

I/We also undertake that in case of post verification the data furnished in this application are found to be incorrect, and the corresponding Brand Rate letter is revoked by the Ministry, I/We will be liable to pay back the Drawback amount alongwith interest thereon.

Station :

Full Address of power of
Attorney Holder or
Authorised Agent.

Date :

Note : - Please furnish specific information against all the Serial Numbers. Response like "as per the Shipping Bill" and "as per the Statement of Exports" etc. should be avoided.