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This commissionerate was formed on 16.07.1997 carving out the areas from erstwhile Madras Commissionerate and Coimbatore Commissionerate. The creation of this Commissionerate became necessary because of the substantial growth in Industries as well as to have compact Commissionerates to have better revenue administration.
The commodities dealt in this Commissionerate are varied from Biris to Cars giving a unique experience to the collection machinery which only few commissionerates can boast of.. This Commissionerate has products of animal origin, plant origin, vegetable origin and engineering goods, perhaps only with the exception of mineral oil goods.
The tax is collected from both rural areas as well as from well developed Industrial Estates.
The geographical jurisdiction extents from immediate neighbourhood of Metropolitan Chennai city to remote Hosur area bordering neighbouring Karnataka State. The jurisdiction of 5 divisions of this commissionerate is divided based on geographical area (except 1 Division namely Hosur II Division) thereby the divisions are exposed to multiple commodities and their nuances.
The major commodities of this commissionerate are automobile, automobile parts, machinery parts, textiles, cigarettes and tyres. This commissionerate also has many 100% export oriented units. Exporting goods like pharmaceutical chemicals, leather goods, chemicals, granites, etc.
This commissionerate maintains frequent interaction with the Trade and Industry. With purposeful meetings like Regional Advisory Committee Meetings, etc. This commissionerate is one among the 10 chosen in India for the implementation of the citizen’s charter of the government and in this sphere any suggestions from Trade are most welcome.
The vital statistics of this commissionerate are as follows:
Total Excise Revenue during 2010 - 2011 1072.06 Crores
Total Excise Revenue during 2011 - 2012 1357.49 Crores
Total Excise Revenue during 2012 - 2013 (Upto 31.07.2012) 545.76 Crores
Total Customs Revenue During 2010 - 2011 5.23 Crores
Total Customs Revenue During 2011 - 2012 0.49 Crores
Total Customs Revenue During 2012 - 2013 (Upto 31.07.2012) 3.18 Crores
Service Tax Assesse's as on 31.07.2012 7791
Central excise Assesse's as on 31.07.2012 1850
Total No. of Divisions 6
Total No. of Ranges 33