Supporting Manufacturers'/Job Workers' Declaration required for Exports of Woven Garments for availing higher All Industry Rate of Drawback.


(Circular No.S4/20q1-Cus, dated 19th October,2001).

I. Description of the Goods:

2. Invoice No. and Date:

3. Name and address of the Exporter alongwith the name of the Jurisdictional Central Excise Commissiorerate/Division/Range :

4. Name of the Supporting Manufacturer (s) / Job worker ( s) alongwith the name of the

Jurisdictional Central Excise Commissionerate/ Division/Range:

5. Address of the Manufacturing Unit(s)/ Job Work Premises: .

We, M/s.________________________,the supporting manufacturers/ job workers declare that we

( a) are not registered with Central Excise authorities,

(b) have not paid any Central Excise duty on these goods, and

( c ) have not availed of .the Cenvat facility under the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2001 or any notification issued there under, and

We also declare that we are manufacturing and supplying garments to the above merchant exporters only.

Supporting Manufacturers'/Job Workers' Signature & Seal