1.   What is e-Payment of Central Excise and Service Tax?

e-Payment is a payment mode through which a Taxpayer can remit his tax dues to CBEC using Internet Banking Service.  It is an additional facility being offered by the banks besides conventional procedure.


2.   What are the Banks launching e-payment of Central Excise and Service Tax facility ?

For details see the list of banks under e-Payment section of this website.


3.   Who can opt for e-Payment?

Any customer of the Bank, who is an assessee of Central Excise or Service Tax, can pay Indirect Taxes online using Internet banking service of Bank.


4.   How to get Internet banking facility of Bank?

The customers of Bank can request this facility on prescribed application forms.


5.   Are there any geographical restrictions on Banks?

No.  Customer can effect payment from anywhere for the Commissionerate he is attached provided the that particular bank is authorized to collect revenue for that Commissionerate.


6.   Are there any charges for availing e-Payment faculty?

No, there are no charges for these services by any Bank.


7.   Up to what time in a day the e-Payments can be made?

e-Payment can be made 24 hours a day using Internet banking service of Bank. Payment made up to 8 pm will be accounted on the same day.  However payments effected after 8 pm will only be included in next working day's scroll by the Focal point Branch.


8.   Does the Internet banking service give any receipt/confirmation for the e-Payment?

Yes, on successful payment the Internet banking user gets a Cyber Receipt for the Tax payment, which he can save or print for his record.


9.   How does the taxpayer get the regular Challan stamped and receipted by Bank?

The concerned Focal Point Bank on the next working ay will send the Challan copies duly receipted and stamped to the taxpayer by courier at the mailing address provided by the taxpayer.


10.  Whether assesses will get extended hour for Tax payment on year end days?

Yes, on year end days the cut-off time of 8 pm can be extended further for the benefit of Tax payers based on CBEC's instruction.


11.  Will all the Banks launching the e-Payment solutions have uniformity in the procedure?

Yes, all the banks follow the same process flow with uniformity.