Advance Ruling under GST

S.No. Name of The Applicant Question(s) on which Advance Ruling Sought  Order No. & Date View  Category as per section 97(2) of CGST Act 2017 
9 M/s. Goodwill Industrial Canteen Clarification regarding applicable GST to the outdoor catering services rendered by them to their clients. 9/ARA /2018 Dated 30.08.2018  Click here 97(2)(a)
8 M/s. C.P.R. Mill Classification of ‘Cattle Feed in Cake Form’ and exemption if any 8/ARA /2018 Dated 30.08.2018  Click here 97(2)(a)
7 M/s. Brakes India Private Limited, What is the classification of products referred to as Disc Brakes Pads manufactured and supplied by the applicant. The Applicant is covered under SI.No. 170 of Schedule IV of Notification 1/2017 dated 28.06.2017- Integrated Tax (Rate) (hereinafter referred to as the GST Tariff Notification), i.e., under Tariff Heading 8708 attracting GST at 28% or underSI.No.182 B of Schedule III of the Rate Notification i.e., under Tariff Heading 6813 attracting GST Rate of 18%? 7/ARA /2018 Dated 30.08.2018  Click here 97(2)(a)
6 M/s. Erode Manjal Vanigarkal Matrum Kidangu Urimaiyalargal Sangam Applicability of exemption notified in 11/2017Central Tax (Rate) dt.28.06.2017. 6/ARA/2018 Dated 30.08.2018  Click here 97(2)(e)
5 M/s Amalgamations Valeo Clutch Private Limited i.Whether amortization of value of free tools/dies received form customer to be included for valuation of goods or not?
ii. If the GST is applicable on the amortized value, what is the procedure for calculating the GST and reflecting the same in GST invoice format
iii. How to declare the transactions in GSTR-1 & GSTR -3 and GSTR-3B
5/ARA/2018 Dated 30.08.2018  Click here 97(2)(c)
4 M/s Veeram Natural products   Classification of Aluminum foil disposable container 4/ARA /2018 Dated 30.07.2018   Click here 97(2)(a)
3 Dr.Dathu Rao Memorial Charitable Trust Whether liable to pay GST for materials purchased and construction services availed, as they fall under exempted category. 3/ARA /2018 Dated 30.07.2018   Click here 97(2)(e)
2 Fichtner Consulting Engineers (I) P.Ltd Charging IGST treating the place of supply as outside Tamil Nadu since the project site is in the state of Jharkhand( where the mine/end user is located) as per Sec12(3) of IGST Act
Charging SGST and CGST, treating place of supply as Tamil Nadu since the drawings are delivered to the client at their Chennai Office, in Tamil Nadu.
2/ARA/2018  Dated 27.06.2018  Click here  97(2)(e)
1 Anabond Ltd. Classification of polysulphide sealants under GST 1/ARA/2018  Dated 27.06.2018   Click here 97(2)(a)